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Tankerton Smokeshed

Bespoke Smoked Salmon Made To Order

Your salmon is smoked especially for you. 

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Created by hand and made with love, care and attention.

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Spoil Yourself 

Create something beautiful. Keep your ingredients pure, true and honest. 

Egg on an Egg on an Egg
Salmon Croissant
Christmas Cracker
Poached Delight
Creme Fraiche & Wild Garlic


We create a very limited number of salmon each month. Why such a small number you ask yourself. Simply, it's because we want to maintain the high quality. Your bespoke salmon will be smoked especially for you. To place an order click the 'how to order' tab at the top of the page.

Our salmon dishes

There are so many beautiful smoked salmon dishes you can create. We would love to see what dishes you create with our salmon. Send us your smoked salmon photographs. We would love to add them to our gallery.

New Product for 2023 

Smoked Trout

  • Slow grown Chalk Stream trout.

  • Exceptional quality. 

  • Grown in fast flowing water.

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